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Cassie - Numb Lyrics

I make music to numb your brain
I make music to numb your brain

(Maybach music)

R-r-r-r-ride the wave

New young mu love the beat and the Vocs
Breezy tonic, fresh like rain
My beat man's cool, he's a freakiest box
Being a fox and you know my coat rocks and you know my chain
And that's how you know I've been hunting the game
Bang bang and I hit it with impeccable aim
Bang bang and I blow it up, they don't know what's up
If they think for a second that I do it for the fame 'cause

I make music to numb your brain
(Numb numb numb) 4x's

Rick Ross:
Bottle after bottle, I'm balling like Robert Griffin
Never made love, I had to come from a distance
Said I was a maison, Martin Margiela
Triple beam, hustling, that's full of cheddar
Yellow brick road, I'm told it's just a cake walk
Now it's fill up, lem on them, no more 8-balls
Un-cut my love that's all thug
Call her different names in the middle of the plug
Went on world tours, paid in all cash
Top floor views, my wall is all glass
All paid dues, but normally fall fast
Same b---- you sh---ing on the only thing that'll last
I'm tryna see a hundred of 'em
Kobe Bryant money, n-gga u aint gotta love 'em
Swish, new rims on a 6
Tell me that you numb if you not feelin' this, Rick

(Maybach music)

Run with the wave, you ride it
R-r-r-r-ride the wave
R-r-r-r-ride the wave

If you insane when's it's late in the night
You can smoke one, pop one, close your eyes
You can say this in your mind
And I say it all the time
I'm the same, insane
It's a damn good time
It's a damn good time
I'm just saying it's a damn good time
In-vi-gorating, impact ya like ice
Beep, pulsating, your heart skips twice
On the bass drum, and them pumps so nice
Heart skips twice, and them pumps so nice
On the bass drum, pumps so nice
Heart ski-i-i-i-i, ride the wave

I make music to numb your brain
(Numb numb numb) 4xs

It's a damn good time
I'm just sayin', it's a damn good time

When I make the wave (the wave, the wave)
When I make the wave
R-r-r-r-ride the wave

When I make the wave (the wave, the wave)

I make music to numb your brain
(Numb numb numb) 2xs

R-r-r-r-r, you ride it
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